How To Choose A Commercial Cleaning Company

Cleaning is a critical aspect of commercial building maintenance. A dirty building will easily lose clients in a few months. It is for this reason that property managers engage the services of commercial cleaning service. The extract below discusses the considerations that you should make when hiring a commercial cleaning company. 

Company Reputation 

Your primary concern should the company's ability to offer high-quality cleaning works. It is prudent that you contact some of their customers to establish the quality of services they offer. Some of your concerns should include: are the customers satisfied with the company's services? Does the company offer timely services? Does the company go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction? 

Company Staff 

You will have numerous cleaners on your premises every day. As such, it would only be right to ensure that these personnel blends with your company values. Typically, the cleaning company should conduct background checks on their personnel to ensure safety. Additionally, the company should equip the cleaners with basic customer relations skills. It enables them to relate with your employees and clients. 

Terms Of Service

The company should have reasonable terms and conditions. Assess the following in the engagement contract: 

  • What services does the company offer? The company should provide a comprehensive range of services. For example, some companies will collect garbage and conduct light repair and maintenance works.
  • When will the cleaners work? You will need several cleaners doing rotational shifts to perform light cleaning works. The company should deploy a larger team at night to clean the building, take out rubbish and arrange the offices.
  • What is the company's liability policy? Typically, they should reimburse you if some of their cleaners intentionally damage office equipment.
  • What are the terms of contract termination? The company should give you a notice before terminating their services.
  • How does the company handle client disputes? Ideally, they should have an effective dispute resolution mechanism to ensure both parties do not damage their public image. 

The company should have adequate insurance coverage. For example, a workers compensation cover will protect your business from personal injury suits if a cleaner suffers an injury while cleaning your premises. 


Ask a few cleaning companies for their quote to determine the prevailing cleaning charges. This will give you an upper hand during negotiations. Ask the company to break down their costs to ensure you can differentiate between the standard and extra charges. Remember to check when you should make your payments. 

When hiring a commercial cleaning company, assess their reputation, the company staff, terms of service and pricing. Contact a commercial cleaning service for more information. 

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