Window Cleaner Hiring Tips: Look For Extra Services

When you're looking for a new window cleaning service, your main objective is to find someone who can clean the outside of your windows professionally and effectively. However, window cleaners often offer a range of extra services that could also be useful.

What else can a window cleaner do?

Clean the Insides of Your Windows

Many window cleaners clean the inside of windows as well as the outside. This may include just glass cleaning; however, some window cleaners will also clean around the windows down to your sills at the same time. This saves you time and effort. It also removes a job that you may not be so keen on.

Having the outside of your windows cleaned makes the glass cleaner on one side, which will make your windows look better. However, cleaning just one side of the windows may highlight the fact that the other side is dirty, dusty or smeared.

If you have both sides of your windows cleaned professionally at the same time, then you'll really see the benefits. Both sides of the glass will be sparkling and fresh.

Clean Your Flyscreens

If your flyscreens are doing their job, then they need regular cleaning. They'll pick up dust and dirt and trap it in their mesh. This makes the screen look dirty and unappealing. It doesn't make your home look good.

Windows cleaners often offer flyscreen cleaning as an additional service when they clean your windows. So, you can throw this job in too at the same time.

Apart from taking this messy job off your hands, it makes sense to have your flyscreens cleaned when you have your windows done. After all, a dirty flyscreen will hide your sparkling glass and make your windows and doors look grubby even after they've been cleaned.

Clean Your Solar Panels

Some window cleaners will also clean off solar panels when they visit your home. This may not be something you think to do yourself, or you may not have easy access to the panels.

However, this is a job worth doing. Dirty solar panels don't work as effectively as clean ones, so you could be missing out on energy production and savings. If your window cleaner can give the panels a periodic clean, then they will work more efficiently for you.

So, when you talk to window cleaners in your area, ask them about their additional services. Your window cleaner may be able to take a fair few jobs off your hands.

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