Easy Ways to Keep Your Garbage Chutes Clean

When it comes to making life easier in large residential buildings, garbage chutes come with lots of advantages. Residents don't need to worry about letting rubbish pile up. Additionally, they no longer need to venture into a basement when the time comes to empty their bin. If you're considering a garbage chute installation, it's worth learning more about how to keep yours clean. With the right degree of care and maintenance, your chute will last longer and won't pose hygiene issues.

Engaging in basic garbage chute maintenance

Before you consider cleaning your garbage chute, it's worth checking to make sure it's functioning correctly. If the lid doesn't close properly, it may be due to unclean hinges. Using lubricating products that tackle steel will resolve the issue, or calling on a maintenance service if that doesn't have the desired effect. Ensuring the lid closes properly is crucial if you're going to make sure the chute remains hygienic. When lids remain open, there's another avenue for vermin to enter, so make sure yours functions as it should.

Educate tenants on correct garbage disposal 

Few tenants will consciously use a garbage disposal system incorrectly. However, they may fail to use the behaviours that will keep your chute clean. Advise tenants to bag and seal all food, as easy-to-access packages attract pests. Additionally, tell them that it's wise to double bag any hazardous items, such as cat litter. If they're feeling particularly proactive, they should clean food packets they can't recycle with a squirt of disinfectant. Finally, depending on how high their apartment is, it's unlikely that their garbage bag will survive a significant drop without tearing. As such, it's worth using extra-durable bags to minimise splits.

Clean each chute access point 

You may want to create a chute access point cleaning schedule that complements its use. How often you need to clean it will vary, but you may want to consider between once a week and once a fortnight. As part of your chute access point cleaning, use strong disinfectants and hoses. Periodically, you should use a professional cleaning service. Professionals carry power washers and will use long tools to scrub the chute, which then reduces odour, bacteria and undesirable substances.

With the right care and maintenance, your garbage chutes will complement the lives of your residents. Installing a reliable chute is also an excellent way to prevent hygiene issues, as the structure can prevent unnecessary pest access. If you're unsure as to which chute will suit your building, ask an installation expert. 

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