Why Have a Professional Company Manage Your Exterior Power Washing For You?

Homeowners and business owners can certainly rent a power washer and clean the exterior of their home or building as well as the driveways, walkways and parking lots as needed, but this isn't always a good choice. Having a professional handle the pressure washing you need to have done is almost always recommended, especially if you've never worked with a power washer before. Note a few reasons why this job should be left to a professional, either for residential homes or commercial buildings.


It's easy to think that you can control the pressure of a power washer by simply aiming it at something you'll use for "practice," such as a fence or walkway, before actually washing your home or commercial building. However, practicing with a power washer can be difficult, and you could easily etch that walkway or find yourself tossed off balance. 

Note, too, that the pressure that is safe for a fence or walkway may not be a safe pressure for windows, aluminium siding and other such materials. Even with practice, you could easily break a window, dent siding or otherwise cause property damage. Someone experienced with a pressure washer and who knows how to adjust the pressure for concrete versus glass or brick and other items can keep your property safe while still doing a thorough cleaning job.


Detergents added to pressure washers can help to cut grease, oil and the like, but as with cleaning anything else, you need to use the right detergent for a thorough and safe clean. Some detergents are better at dissolving grease but may be too strong for surface dirt on aluminium siding or windows, and may leave streaks behind. A detergent also needs to be chosen for the pressure washer itself; nozzles come in different sizes, and a small nozzle might not be able to handle a thick detergent, clogging the machine.

Specialized cleaning

Many professional companies can manage specialized cleaning services that are difficult for homeowners or business owners to handle on their own; for example, if your commercial building needs graffiti removed, this can mean scrubbing with special brushes along with power washing. If you've used grease pens or any type of paint on the windows that won't come off with regular washing, it may require a high-quality detergent that won't etch the glass while getting it clean. Rather than trying to tackle these jobs on your own and potentially damaging your property, it's good to leave them to a professional.  

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