How to Stop Dogs From Urinating on Your Skip

If you are hiring a skip, it's your responsibility to take care of it whilst it's in your possession. This means ensuring that it doesn't get damaged, and if you have a lot of dogs in your area, you may even want to take steps to ensure the dogs don't urinate on your skip.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to watch every dog who passes your skip, but here are some tips to help you. 

1. Hang a "no dog poop" sign on your skip.

Unfortunately, many people when they are out walking their dogs, pick up the dogs' poop in a small bag. Then, they throw it in the nearest bin or skip they can find. If they happen to be walking past your home, that could be your skip.

Once the dog poo is in your skip, its smell can make other dogs curious, and as a result, they may be more likely to urinate on the bin. A sign urging passersby not to use your skip may cut down on this effect.

2. Lock the skip when not in use.

To further prevent dog poo or other unwanted rubbish from getting in your skip, consider locking it when not in use. Many skips come with lids that can be locked. To lock the skip, you simply close the lid, and look for a place where a small ring from the lid lines up with a small ring from the skip. Slip a padlock through these two pieces, and instantly, your skip is locked and protected.

3. Sprinkle white pepper around the skip.

To further discourage dogs from marking your skip from urine, sprinkle a bit of white pepper around the perimetre of the skip. The white pepper blends into the pavement, making it less obtrusive than black pepper. More importantly, however, it makes dogs sneeze, and as a result, they aren't likely to approach the skip to urinate on it. Rather, they will proceed to the next spot.

In lieu of pepper, you can use a product specifically made to deter animals. You can find a range of options. These include sprays that remove compelling odours as well as products based on wild animal urine that naturally make dogs shy about approaching an area.

4. Clean dog accidents immediately.

If a dog does urinate on your skip, use a hosepipe to clean it off as soon as possible. If you allow the urine to dry, its odours will entice other dogs, and the issue will multiple.

For more tips on hiring skips and keeping them clean, contact a skip hire company.

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