Control Dust Mites And Keep Dust Mite Allergies At Bay

Dust mites are micro mites that feed on dead cells dropped by pets and humans every day. The mites don't feed on humans, but people are highly allergic to the mites and their fecal excretes. A high population of dust mites and mass fecal waste cause major respiratory and skin allergies. Another hazard is that they worsen respiratory conditions such as asthma.

However, despite the threat, worry not because below are key tips on how to keep your house free of dust mites.  

Use An Air Filter

Air filters are of varying sizes, specifications, and capacities. When you shop for your air filter, buy one that fits your needs. For example, a business premise that is wholly carpeted would require an air filter with a higher capacity than the one you would need for your sitting room rug.

It is best to get an air filter with replaceable filters. Often, after prolonged use, you will be required to remove old filters that have accumulated dirt on them and fix a new one. Some air filters have the washable indicator or sticker, meaning you can wash the filters and reuse them. However, washing may not get rid of all the microscopic organisms including mites and their fecal waste.

Regulate Room Temperatures and Humidity

Mites thrive in warm temperatures and humid conditions. Regulate the humidity and temperature in your house or office by making sure there is sufficient ventilation. Ensure, windows are opened every day, if appropriate. Also, if you have an air conditioning system, ensure it is working properly, and have it serviced regularly.

Also, ensure rugs and drapes dry up completely after washing. You should let the floors, walls, and all surfaces dry up properly as well, after cleaning.  A dehumidifier is a good alternative if your house or office has poor ventilation and is often extremely humid.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is an easy and simple tip. However, it can be ignored easily, or you could be cleaning everything else except the drapes and rugs. Often, people don't clean rugs and drapes as much as they do the surfaces. Ensure your rugs, drapes, and other fabrics are cleaned regularly. Consider dry cleaning soft fabrics or washing them at high temperatures because hot water kills dust mites, their eggs, and decontaminates the fecal waste.

Choose Your Material Wisely

Some fabrics such as wool easily collect a lot of dust and tend to hold dust mites more than synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers such as vinyl are good for rugs. Consider using rugs made from synthetic fiber for your bedroom and the children's bedroom. Also, for walls, instead of using wall carpets consider using wall paper or wood.

Dust mites are a threat to you, your children, and employees; take charge and keep them at bay, wherever you are.

For more information or to help curb a dust mite problem in your home, consider also contacting rug cleaners and pest control companies in your area.

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